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Here~ kitty kitty

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Today I was in a weird mood of creating a half grunge, half cute look for my character and I ended up with this ^

Not much to say from this outfit, high detailed and amazingly textured accessories from Blitzed and Yabusaka, together with the adorable zipper piercing from Niju, this is where my outfit started.

The cat paws and ears from Mutation Industries, it is a set I normally use and lately, I added in the sculpted animated tail from How Vexing, I simply love the length of it and how it swings.

As for the clothes, well what can I say, pretty and grunge means Razorblade Jacket, I was a bit unsure between wearing the ripped shorts and tops, or this dress…I decided on the dress because I love this shade of blue which match with my blue eyes from Insufferable Dastard, the new twinkle eyes are so pretty and look so cute!

I added in SiniStyle tapped fingers, this is one set of “gloves” that can be worn with about everything and they always look great.

As for the hair, it had to be something pretty, and for pretty hairs you should go to Milana, her hairs are all nicely done and they fit your skull perfectly not having to mod them too much or make them too oversized to hide the “bald gaps”.

And last, the skin, well, I am in love with this skin from Glam Affair, I rarely wear dark tones because I always find them way too dark for me, which doesn’t happen with this skin, it might be because of how it is shaded, it looks as if I simply went to the beach and got a nice copper tan on me, I lurve it.

Outfit Info:

Shape: My Own (Not for sell)

Skin: Glam Affair – Monica – Tan (TDR 28)

Hair: Milana – Nakita

Eyes: Insufferable Dastard – Twinkle Eyes – Ice (VIP Exclusive)

Eyelashes: Exodi – Eyelashes

Whiskers: Anara’s – Neko Whiskers

Eyeliner: Ni.ju – Black Eyeliner – B01

Cat Ears and Legs: Mutation Industries – Cat Person – Black (Modded)

Cat Tail: How Vexing – Neko Tail – Black with White tip (Modded for darker color)

Piercing: Ni.ju – Zipper Lip Ring

Wrist Cuffs and Choker: Blitzed – Legacy set

Necklace: Yabusaka Alphabet Changer Pendant

Armband: Yabusaka – Alphabet Belt Armband

Gloves: SiniStyle – Taped Fist & Black Nails

Dress: Razorblade Jacket – Mute Blue Fabric Grunge Dress

Poses: Kuso



Glam Affair:

Insufferable Dastard:



Mutation Industries:

How Vexing:





Razorblade Jacket:



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