So… after some friends telling me that I should start a blog, I finally decided to give it a try.

This blog will mainly focus on making reviews on items and giving out information about special events in Second Life. I will be showing you part of myself, by letting you see what I like about this game and my own avatar.

In SL, I am mainly a builder, I enjoy building stuff, but also, modifying items to match my own personal taste. Though, I won’t be modifying items that I have been requested to show, but, you might see some of my own mods in my outfits, maybe they will be an inspiration to some people.

As an old store owner (retired for now), I know that one of SL biggest barriers is the lack of advertisement, getting your store known and popular is a really hard task for some people, hence why I am here to help anyone that needs an extra hand on this and would like to have their items advertised in my Blog and reviewed by me.

I do make some critics, but I always try make them constructive, and not to sound mean, but sometimes you might read something you disagree with, so please, refrain from flamming and spamming my Blog, as I will try to be respectful to everyone, you should do the same to me, if you want your opinion to be heard, then “think before posting”.

Said this, I hope my Blog is fun and provides enough information to everyone.

Please enjoy~

Aeryn Tuqiri.

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