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And once again Nyr went shopping spread at Acid & Mala store, she found some pretty and sexy long tops that can be worn as a mini dress. In the photo you can see her wearing the Skull tattoo long tank in Azul color (azul means blue spanish :P). Together with it, she is wearing the knee and elbows warmers from the Striped long tank, also blue color.

Each of these long tanks come in a varied set of pretty colors. There are more models in the store, some have patterns in them, like flowers, or stars. Stop by and check the pretty clothes 🙂

click the photo for a bigger resolution~

Outfits Info:

Skin: Illusory –  Paige –Bite Me (Collabor88 skin)

Hair: Raw House – Kannibal

Eyes: Insufferable Dastard – Light Sensitive – Ice *and* Slate

Ears: Gauged – Elf Ears

Tail:  How Vexing – Neko Tail (Texture Modded)

Nails Polish: RezIpsa Loc – Nails, Black & Neon – Black & White

Eye Shadow: Glamorize – Hot Night – Teal

Glasses: Acid & Mala – Reader glasses – White (Group discount item) (Color modded)

Piercings: Haus of Darcy – Fallen (Modded)

Necklace: Haus of Darcy – Fallen V2

Collar and Wrist Cuffs: Blitzed – Legacy Set

Meeroo Plush: Wonderful World of Meeroos – Kimodo Nibbes

Mini Dress: Acid & Mala – Skull Tattoo Long Tank – Azul

Elbow and Knee Warmers: Acid & Mala – Long Tank – Striped Blue

Black Socks: Razorblade Jacket – Knee Socks

Boots: Death Row Designs –  Loose Boots 2 – Buckles – Black

Poses: Glitterati



Raw House:


Insufferable Dastard:


How Vexing:

RezIpsa Loc:



Haus of Darcy:

Acid & Mala:

Wonderful World of Meeroos:

Razorblade Jacket:

Death Row Designs:



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