Sea Monster?

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Not really~

Today I decided to browse my inventory and grab some old and new items, then mash them together and voila! a new look that I sorta like a lot lol…

It all started when I found my new Plastik skin, this skin is a prototype/beta that will be released in the near future after Aikea is done with the tweaking and making it even more perfect and beautiful. I think this new line of skin looks a bit more younger than her other skins, the shading is smooth and not to dark, making the skin look softer and smooth, the chest shading is simply amazing, reason why I had to find some clothes with a nice cleavage.

And  here is where one of Plastik’s dresses comes in, sexy but at the same time it gives a dangerous feeling, could be because of the tied ropes around the stomach or thanks to the accessories, I am not sure.

For the accessories, I tried to stay simple and dark, so what is more dark than a black beads rosary necklace? of course, this amazing necklace is from Haus of Darcy, it comes together with a set of piercings, in this outfit I added a extra set of piercings to it, from Niju, their new free item, a beautiful snakebite piercing with a small chain  linking both loops.

So I reached the part where I needed to put on some shoes, this is my nightmare since I do not have that many shoes and I do prefer animal legs over pretty pumps, so I end up buying more and more legs and forget that a nice pair of shoes might come handy sometimes. Oh well, since I was lacking some nice knee high boots, I decided to  turn the look into a sea like hybrid, so I threw in my Gauze hooves and tail, this combo is my favorite for any of my hybrid demon looks. The tail with the fluffy tip gives the feral feel and the hooves are simply my favorite because of the extra claws at the “heels”. For ears, yes I needed some elf like ears and what is best than Plastik’s new gauged ears, the dragoon shape is perfect for most sea or dragon related look because of the spiked shape.

So my look was almost done, but it was lacking a little more of color and “creepyness”, for color, this was easy, I just needed to add Plastik’s demon fades legs and arms color gradient, and a pair of pretty green eyes from Insufferable Dastard. And the creepy part, well if you are searching for unique and different stuff, stop over by Niju, she has so many items that are simply amazing and look so cool! like the black claws and horns I am wearing, both give this dark creepy effect but not to the point that will make a kid burst out in tears and run to their mommy, Vitani always does a great job in balancing dark and cute, making all her items look so magical and special.

In the end, hair is the last addition that will either complete your look, it is amazing how something as simple as a hair style it can completely change the effect of your outfit. I could had picked a goth like straight cut with a fringe, and this would turn my look into a goth like girl, or I could had picked a pretty wavey or curly hair, turning into some sort of demon princess, but, none of this looks is what I was searching for, I wanted something pretty, but dangerous and kinda boylike, and then I remembered Raw House, their hair styles tend to be cute and slightly punk, and yes, exactly, I found the perfect hair for my new outfit, their willow redux hair is adorable, with uneven bangs and with a short cut side, while the other side is longer, it gave that feeling of beautiful danger, also thanks to the short side, my Plastik ears aren’t fully covered showing their beautiful shape. I also love how this hair fits your skull, not needing to make it too big so it would hide all the “bald gaps” and I didn’t need to readjust it at all.

Outfit Info:

Shape: My Own (Not for sell)

Skin: Plastik – Aleksandra – Coconut (Beta skin)

Hair: Raw House – Willow Redux

Eyes: Insufferable Dastard – Mirror Eyes – Green

Ears: Plastik – Arkenea Ears – Dragoon

Eyelashes: Exodi – Eyelashes

Leg and Arms Gradient: Plastik – Demon Fades – Soar

Tail: Gauze – Yokai Tail – Naturals – Black

Horns: Niju – Spyro Horns

Demon Legs: Gauze – Demon Legs – Natural

Claws: Niju – Claws

Piercings: Haus of Darcy – Eternal Piercing *and* Niju – Snake Bites (izm. mall Gift)

Bracelets: League – Wanderer – Black

Necklace: Haus of Darcy – The Path of Forgiveness

Dress: Plastik – InfinityDress – Dark Aqua

Poses: Grixdale



Raw House:

Insufferable Dastard:




Haus of Darcy:




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