Ready for Trouble

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Today I woke up with Ren & Stimpy, Happy happy Joy joy song in my head… weird? Very!

There is no relation between the song and the new look I am wearing today…today I decided to go dark, it has been a while since I wore demon parts and thanks to Pink Fuel‘s new skin Elly I couldn’t hold myself from trying to set up a pretty, cute and sexy “demoness”.

So it all started by picking the right makeup, I wanted something inside the blacks, but not too dark, and this is where the gunmetal makeup comes in, between shades of pitch black and silvery grey, this makeup gives some light effect to the face but still keeps the mystical dark look I was aiming for.

For the lipstick, well, my favorite of all times, the doll gloss that comes with every Elly skin, it is absolutely perfect, it took me some time to pick one from all the available colors, but then I decided on the natural shade, Bitten.

After that, of course I had to add in my Insufferable Dastard eyes…as my personal mark, I wear two tones eyes, one silver/grey, one black, and ID’s eyes are perfect for this, since they come with prim eyes attachments so you can mix-match any style or colors.

As for my demon parts, well, it must be Gauze, the hooves are extremely feral like, with claws sprouting from them, making them look even more demonic… and the tail, fluffy and blending perfectly with the skin. As for the horns, in amazing sculpts and textures, Illusions is one of the best places to go if you are looking for an huge variety of horns, different styles and every of them come with multiple textures that you can choose from in a nicely organize menu option. I simply love these two stores, their fantasy items are amazing and beautiful.

To add a bit more of cutesy stuff, I needed to add some elven ears, I don’t know why but every time I create a demon look, pointy ears must be involved in it. Hence why I looked through my Plastik ears and found their new gauged ears, with amazing selection of plugs and styles. They even have one with a cute shape, small and slightly round.

Last would be the clothes and accessories, starting by the skirt/top, from Plastik, put together with Grasp‘s fur jacket and to add some beauty, League‘s bracelets and Cobrahive‘s collar. Cute? yes. Pretty? yes. Sexy? yes.

And one last addition was a set of Haus of Darcy‘s piercings, though I modded it like crazy, moving rings and spheres all other my face… so this exact piercing set can’t be found in the store, but there are similar ones and so many to choose from, go take a look!

Outfit Info:

Shape: My Own (Not for sell)

Skin: Pink Fuel – Elly – Honey – Gunmetal

Hair: Truth – Adelle – Crow

Eyes: Insufferable Dastard – Light Sensitive – Ice and Slate

Ears: Plastik – Arkenea Ears – Cute

Horns: Illusions – Sibirica Horns

Demon Legs: Gauze – Demon Legs – Natural

Demon Tail: Gauze – Yokai Tail – Naturals – Black

Piercing: Haus of Darcy – Eternal Piercing (Modded)

Collar: Cobrahive Kusari Collar (Modded)

Bracelets: League – Wanderer – Black

Top and Skirt: Plastik – Ambrice – Black

Jacket: Grasp – Fur Lined Jacket – Black

Poses: Eink


Pink Fuel:


Insufferable Dastard:




Haus of Darcy:






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