Patience is a virtue…

…and virtuous is buying Pink Fuel’s new skin, Elly. We all have been waiting for this skin and last night it came out at last.

It can be found in amazing skin tones, from their lighter one called Milk, to their darker called Cocoa.

In this post I will write a small review about the Honey tone, and as starters, let me show you the amazing eyebrows colors you can get in every pack.

click the photo for a bigger resolution~

Each skin comes in 3 different eyebrows color, dark brown, light brown and red brown, and ever single of them has freckles and no freckles option. In this image you can see all tones, the middle one (light brown) can easily be use with blonde and light hair colors, while the dark brown matches nicely with darker hairs. The one to the far right is the freckles option, as you can see there are a soft shade of freckles over the cheeks making it look absolutely adorable.

Next we got the eye shadows, the basic makeup of your skin, there is a huge variety of different styles and colors so I had to pick my favorite ones to show you all. First the soft eyeshadow, in pastel colors and dusty effects they give that perfect yummy cute effect.

click the photo for a bigger resolution~

And now the wild styles, from bright colors to heavy eyeliners these will make you look so hot and sexy or maybe even dangerous.

click the photo for a bigger resolution~

Last are the lipsticks, each pack comes with 5 different styles of lipstick, and each style has different colors and effects. Next you will see one color of each style.

click the photo for a bigger resolution~

So as you can see, the variety of looks and styles is amazing and all in a perfectly detailed skin… the body… well, that you will have have to see for yourself, but I promise you that you won’t regret it 😉

And to make this skin even more amazing, you can get any of the chest enhancements for your skin tone to create a voluptuous chest or a petite one.

Hair: Magika – Ren

Eyes: Insufferable Dastard – Twinkle – Ice (VIP Gift)

Skin and Makeup: Pink Fuel – Elly – Honey

Pink Fuel LM:


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