Meow, Miau, Nyaa..Mrowl!

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This is some random outfit I put together by mixing clothes from Insanya and Xplosion, I also decided to make it kitty like, just because I adore the new face spots that Jade Composer made, and of course, I had to strut the amazingly sculpted and animated tail from How Vexing and show you the pretty whiskers from Anara’s, if you are a kitty, you must get them.

The shorts are from Insanya, I must say that they do not lack detail, from perfectly placed wrinkles, tags and studs, these shorts are just awesome, the sculpted leg cuffs do not overly stretch the textures, and their baggy shape makes them look simply adorable and comfy.

The leggings I am wearing, are actually a group gift at Insanya, the pack comes with every color you can think of, and they match nicely with most of the color themes that Tatyana Ultsch uses in her creations. For example, the shade of red is the exact same as the ones found in the LaceMe warmers. One more addition from Insanya was the mini top, previously blogged, but I can’t seem to get bored of it, I love this shade of red, and the tiny skulls on the fabric together with the short length (that’s right, I love to show kitty tummy) it simply fits me 101%.

The black pulled around top is from Xplosion, it can be bought as an individual piece, or as a complete outfit (check older posts), I do not know why I like this top so much, maybe it is the light and soft effect of the fabric, or the fact that isn’t tidy looking, I simply like it.

As for my accessories, they are from Blitzed, this store happens to have a great selection of highly detailed sculpted accessories: cuffs, chokers, belts, shoes, blindfolds and more. They also sell an amazing selection of casual clothes, jeans, tops, tshirts, jackets and hoodies (I will eventually make a post for the khaki hoodie I got from them).

And last in this outfit, one of my favorite boots, the heavy boots from Dirty Lynx, I love how big they look and the skull logo its niceeee. The textures in them are really pretty, the leather areas have this light abstract designs on them, they are sold in 3 different styles and they are mod, in case you want to tint them pink!

I think this is a good opportunity to let you know about this amazing hair store I found weeks ago, does the name Dernier Cri rings a bell? well, the creator of Dernier Cri has a new store called Milana, this one is focused only in hair, and just like her old hair, the style and textures in the new one are amazing. The variety of hair styles at Milana is huge, short, long, wavy, curled, straight, and I must emphasize that there are a lot of sculpted parts involved, so the hair  fits better with your head shape. The HUD color system is also used in the new hairs, making it a lot easier to change your looks after you adjusted your hair and made any modification you want, by simply clicking the HUD your hair color changes, also when you visit the store, take a look at the fatpack price, it is a great DEAL!

Outfit Info:

Shape: My Own (Not for sell)

Hair: Milana – Tami

Skin: Grixdale – Emery – Caramel (Chic Limited)

Eyes: Insufferable Dastard – Light Sensitive Prim Eyes – Ice and Slate

Whiskers: Anara’s –Neko Whiskers

Face Spots: The Secret Hideout – Spotted Leopard Face Tattoo (Must contact Jade Composer)

Body Spots: Sinful Needs – Leopard Spots

Cat Ears: Mutation Industries – Cat Person – Black (Modded)

Cat Tail: How Vexing – Neko Tail – Black with White tip (Modded for darker color)

Piercings: Haus of Darcy – Reach

Cuffs, Choker and Belt: Blitzed – Legacy set

Black Top: Xplosion – StreetStyle – Shirt Black

Red Top: Insanya – MiniTop – Skulls Red

Shorts: Insanya – 92Denim Shorts – Dark

Gloves: Insanya – LaceMe Armwarmers – Red

Leggings: Insanya – Tights – Red (Group Gift)

Boots: Dirty Lynx – Neko Ashige Heavy Boots (Modded for darker color)

Poses: Kuso




Insufferable Dastard:


The Secret Hideout:

Sinful Needs:

Mutation Industries:

How Vexing:

Haus of Darcy:




Dirty Lynx:



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