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…not referring to a ghost with the objective to terrorize everything that breathes but to the new top from Panda Express, it is simply terr…ific!

Made with a different combination of sculpts and amazing texturing, this top fits perfectly every girls bosom.

Easy to adjust, with a touch-to-resize scrip and it comes in so many colors and different styles versions for the texture, one is plain version in the darker colors and the other one is the kitten version for the brighter colors, there is still one  more versions for the black and white, the ribbon style, and in case lace isn’t your thing, or do not matches your outfit,  you can easily remove it by pressing a button.

There is also a add-on for it, to turn the top into a one piece mini dress or a tunic top, whatever you would prefer, it is so adorable.

Outfit Info:

Shape: My Own (Not for sell)

Hair: Truth – Sarita  (Modded for extra streaks)

Skin: Grixdale – Emery – Caramel

Eye Liner and Tattoo: My Own (Not for sell)

Eyes: Insufferable Dastard – Anime Eyes

Cat Ears and Paws: Mutation Industries – Cat Person – White (Modded)

Tail: Keeras Shop – Kitty Tail (Modded)

Whiskers: Anara’s – Neko Whiskers

Tiger Marks: Sinful Needs – Mark of the Beast – Tiger Furred

Piercings: Haus of Darcy – Reach – Slide (Modded)

Top: Panda Express – Revenant Top – Kitten Purple

Pants: Poised – Digi Pants – Black Leather

Gloves: Plastik – LipstickMuse – Black

Poses: Eink and Kuso


Panda Express:



Insufferable Dastard:

Sinful Needs:

Mutation Industries:

Keeras Shop:


Haus of Darcy:






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