Street Elf

click the photo for a bigger resolution~

If you were an elf nowdays, in our real life society, how would you dress?

Well In Second Life you can easily wear anything you want, so why not try a modern looking elf? well yes… that’s right, Xplosion came up with a complete avatar set for a street elf, a pretty looking young elf girl. The clothes are quite interesting, ripped asymmetrical pants, one leg stockings…a small warm sweater and a body fit padded jacket, and to complete it a pair of two tones sneakers, it makes her look fashionable and ready to have fun! This outfit can easily be worn to go out at night, or simply hang out with friends. I simply adore this outfit, I think Kaliha did a great job in setting this up.

All you see in this photo (except the skin) comes in the complete avatar box! well yes, you get really a full avatar, nothing is missing, it comes with a skin and shape, these ones I am not wearing in the photo, I like my own shape and the skin, well I had to use Plastik new skin, Valah Light Magic, I think the light tattooed swirls are perfect for the outfit, not just that the skin looks great! but these swirls gives the magical look needed for an elf and they match with the piercings and face accessories, that are all swirly too!

Outfit Info:

Shape: My Own (Not for sell)

Skin: Plastik – Valah – Light Magic (Fifty Linden Fridays Deal)

Eyes: Xplosion – Lady Eyes – Green1 (Complete Avatar comes with Brown eyes)

All Other parts: Xplosion – Complete Avatar – Street Elf – Part 1





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