Cute Meow

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As you all may know, I love cats and I love feral looking “nekos”, these aren’t your normal neko, they also are half human, half feline, but their feline features tend to be a bit more intense. For example, they tend to wear digi paws, instead of fluffy boomers kind of paws, also their ears can be more wild and feralish looking, and sometimes they have cat like markings all over their skin.

So.. now that you know what a feral “neko” is, I will show you these new items a good friend of mine made, they are a set of tail, ears and digi paws that come in an immense variety of colors. Right now she is selling the basic kindthat you can modify and you add whatever you like to them, after all, being unique is fun! Make sure you stop by her store, Roobix.

And why not complete the wild look with a pair fluffy arm warmers? well it is possible! Trap already made these and they look awesome, they come in different fabric styles and colors and they recently released a matching set of pants, so why not be a complete ball of  fluff, fluffy arms, fluffy legs, ears and tail, simply purrrfect!

For the rest of my outfit, I am wearing the lovely pink sheer top from Boom together with their kini top (to hide my special -parts-) and to stay inside my comfortable look, I decided to throw in League‘s sweat shorts, comfy looking with sculpted waist part to give that extra “volume” effect (yeah we do not like stickers clothes), they come in every color you can imagine and there is also a pants version of them, so make sure you stop by League and check them out, you mind find that perfect pair of pants or shorts, to wear on a relaxing Sunday morning.  And for last, since kitties wear cat bells, I added in Favole adorable looking ribbon choker that comes with 2 small cat bells hanging on each side.

Outfit Info:

Shape: My Own (Not for sell)

Hair: Magika – Josie

Skin: Illusory – Paige – Fair

Eyeliner: Kyoot – Cateye – Catty

Eyes: By Snow – Steel Eyes (Extend a Helping Hand Event)

Cat Ears, Tail and Paws: Roobix – Kai Feline – Black

Choker: Favole – Gavreel Choker – Bell

Arm Warmers: Trap – Fuzz Gloves – Plain – Black

Bikini Top: Boom – Infinity String Top – Black

Tube Top: Boom – Her Pleasure – Lipstick -Sheered

Shorts: League – Sunday Sweatshorts – Black – Lowrise





By Snow:







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