Vday is over but! this isn’t a Vday only outfit :)

click the photo for a bigger resolution~

Hi again! while looking around my images I found out my Vday outfit, I simply love the look of this outfit, not just because of the colors but also because of the quality of the textures in it. All clothes parts are from Plastik, and as most of you may know, Aikea is amazing in making clothes (between many other things).

So, on the night before Vday, I decided to pass by her store and after looking her lovely Valentines outfits (lots of pinks and reds). I decided to look around a bit more and see if I could make something by mixing together different parts of her clothes…. and effectively, I did 🙂

I started by getting one of my favorite sets, the Minimalist set, the color, crimson, simply perfect for Valentines. But I wanted more, I really wanted to look -different- so I went to her second floor (at the clothes area) and saw the Strapped sets, these are simple corset like tops that have a slightly ripped fabric covering your waist area and it is all being held by straps, since I wanted to have some black into my outfit, I got the Obsidian color, which is black, but still has some nice light/shade effects on it.

I added some more things from Plastik, I went and bought one of her Recluse collars since they are pretty and well… they got straps! so all matches! and I put a pair of the black LipstickMuse gloves, in the end, I combined all this parts and created my special Vday outfit, which I adore and I will probably go and grabs different colors for these items to wear according my color mood for the day.

In this Outfit I am wearing:

Hair: Truth- Adele

Skin: Grixdale – Emery

Eyes: Plastik – Bloodless (Color Modded)

Piercings: HoD (Modded)

Cookie Heart: Atypical

Collar: Plastik – Recluse collar

Red dress: Plastik – Minimalist Bands – Crimson

Black straps top: Plastik – Strapped – Obsidian

Gloves: Plastik – LipstickMuse – Plain – Black

Tiny bunny: Scribble

Need a Taxi for Plastik? here is the Surl:



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